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Easy For You 16.12

Stock control inventory and Invoice management program
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EasyForYou is an application that can be used in inventory management for the quick creation of product invoices and orders, offering the possibility to create databases with detailed datasheets on clients, products, price, taxes etc.

The tool easily suits the users' needs through its complex functions and extensive datasheets. Therefore, creating a customer order is quite simple: it can be done by opening a new document from the main menu. Users will have to select the customer from the database and add the products requested by the customer from the product list. The tool will automatically import a great number of necessary information concerning both the customer and the products and will automatically fill in the fields from the sheet. Therefore, it will help users save time by no longer being necessary for them to fill in manually such pieces of information as the document number or customer code, which is time-consuming.

Nevertheless, they will have to manually insert other pieces of information, such as the price or the product quantity. After all the necessary information has been included in the order, the invoice is complete and can be mailed or printed by the user.

Many other functions are available by accessing the menu bar. Users can export or import documents and lists in Excel format, or they can edit the information sheets on all the components which are included in the order (product, VAT codes, currencies etc.)

All in all, EasyForYou is an extremely useful tool for companies and craftsmen who wish to administer their business efficiently, helping them to save precious time and money that would be required by the lack of an automatic tool of this kind.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The possibility to store detailed information about clients and orders
  • The possibility to easily administer unpaid invoices


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